How to help

How to help

If you can help with any of what we need, then this would be a plus, you can either contact us via the app formally known as Twitter, ( or via here

If you want to give a donation via Patreon you can find the donation page here:

We also have a donation to PayPal too here for one off payments.

At some point there will be a crowd funding option – but before we can run – there will be YouTube videos that gives a hint into how the show may look. The YouTube channel is here. So if you don’t want to do anything, other that like/comment and subscribe – this would help too as this gives the show promotion, so if you can’t help financially – but can get the message out we’d be very grateful, as we do realise during the cost of living crisis that some can’t do much more than subscribe to a channel – any little bit you can do whether is a £5 donation or a share of a video would be a help.

If you want to find out how far we have got in real time, there is the official blog at

So thank you if you can help this project get off the ground.