About NTTP

About NTTP

At the beginning of 2021, Channel 4 bought out Russel T Davies’ show, ‘It’s a Sin’. The show is about a group of friends navigating through the gay scene from 1981 – 1991. Tee Jay, the actor and company director of Nineties Teen Theatre Productions Ltd was only 15 in 1991, and as he just recovered from addiction from 5 years previously he was having constant flashbacks from everything from 1991 to 2021. In 2021 he had a web hosting business that unfortunately was a casualty of Covid and Lockdown, so he thought the best way to get this out of his system was to produce a blog covering each year.

Part way through writing the 1990’s it became apparent that this was going to work better as a podcast. The podcast is as raw as you can get, as it had been quite a few years that Tee Jay had performed. He was also relearning how to audio edit too. This podcast is still available at https://fromninetyonetotwentyone.co.uk/ along with the original blogposts during the time of release.

He was talking to a friend who is in the entertainment business and they asked how far this could go, and Tee Jay, said, ‘Well it has the makings of a one man show’. Since the original release of the podcasts he has slowly but surely started the process.

The reason why the company is called Nineties Teen Theatre ¬†Productions was that during the podcast Tee Jay hid behind the alias of ‘a90steen’ as the story could be any gay teen of the 90s growing up with the cloud of HIV/AIDS hanging around them, and all the peer pressure that surrounds an impressionable teenager while trying to find their place in the gay scene. Also this was the time the web hosting business was still up and running and Tee Jay wanted the two entities separate, so it made sense in keeping the moniker ‘Nineties Teen’.

The beginning of this project is a very simple one – to get the stage show on the road on tour for 2 years at the most – it has now become a passion project at this point. If this gets Tee Jay back into entertainment – then this is a plus – but first we need ‘A Dairy of a Gay Man’ up and running.

Nineties Teen Theatre Productions Ltd at this point is the legal entity for funding etc for the first show to run – but if things go well, this could be the start of other projects.