Message from Tee Jay

In February 2021, I didn’t know how to podcast, now I do. In June 2021 I wrote my first play since I had my diagnoses of Tourette’s, OCD and generalised anxiety which was 10 years ago. Also in June, I wasn’t able to sing confidently – I am now currently having singing lessons – hence the music videos for the promotion – AND for the stage show itself.

My Audio/Video editing setup is very small due to the size of my flat, to give an indication, when setting up my YouTube studio with green screen in my living room, I loose half of my living space – this is very apparent with the strange lighting in the music videos – without sounding too pretentious – its not what I’m used to working with!

This is truly a one man show at the moment, and obviously this has ALL been produced at home and on a budget. I am on state benefits at the moment, and I am so trying to get myself out of the benefit trap I have found myself in, hence my web hosting company AND this one. One has stalled during the pandemic – and is not making a profit, let alone pay me even a minimum wage! Whilst the other is VERY new (incorporated on 16th July 2021!)

I am so incensed with the lack of mental health services geared towards gay and bi men, and those who identify as gay and bi men I want to tackle and change this. I am using ALL my skills, web hosting, web design, audio and video editing, as well as a performer who has had 7 years experience on the cabaret circuit, has performed in Youth theatre and has worked 4 years back stage semi-professionally – just to get this message across.

It has now got to the point I need outside help, I need funding, I need professionals to talk on my Let’s Talk series too. I want this show to tour for at least a year – and during the creative process over the last few months – I have found my love of performing again – something I thought died 10 years previous when I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, so if my play of my life story gets me back into what I love dearly, that would be a plus.

If you can help me in any way, please contact my manager, their email address is in the footer of this site.

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